Jibontory Technology Limited

Jibontory Technology Limited is one of the registered companies with Joint Stock Companies & Firms, Bangladesh (inception date 04 February, 2011). The company is the proud member of Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) and e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB). The company is specialized in customized business application development. We also offer consultation on business system analysis and MIS related projects. Our development and consulting team comprises expert System Architects, System Analysts and Programmers with dozens of years of experience among them. Jibontory Technology Limited is a technology driven company. We believe in furnishing solutions that are viable today and open for upgrade in future. Our solutions are cost-effective and result oriented. In next couple of years we target the market segment that is already experienced in using business solutions as well as the niche that is freshly aiming at entering IT usage arena. We resolve to add value to our clients’ businesses irrespective of their current exposure to IT usage. We provide the services regarding video capturing & editing, Documentary preparation/capture & editing services including photography in every aspect of services. We are one of the organizations where the company provides the different services related to publication; e.g. articles in newspapers and journals etc.

Organizational Strength

Total Staff : 126

Male : 92

Female : 34

Mission Statement

To be your most trusted partner in the ICT sector with the goal for increasing your company efficiency, enhance overall productivity, reduce operating cost, boost ultimate satisfaction and generates a significant return on your IT specially Internet investment by our dedicated and quality support in each and every instance, on time. 

Vision Statement

Our vision is to establish a brand image in customer mind as their most reliable and trusted analyst, consultant and partner for achieving their organization goal with our innovative, efficient and effective solution.

Key person of Jibontory Technology Limited:

Mohitosh Majumder

Chairman and Managing Director

He is an IT entrepreneur with the vision to contribute for the development of IT sector in the post- Independence era. His foreknowledge about ever-evolving technology takes the organization one step ahead with steady focus on continuous improvement and forging strategic alliances in achieving its current stature.

Rezwana Sultana


She drives the strategy & Plans, focuses on Business Development & Financial Management of the company. Believes in building partnerships and has steered the company to emerge as a leading technology distribution company in Bangladesh. 

Mohammad Mainul Hasan


More than 20 years of experiences in the IT sector, he has been instrumental in conceptualizing, operationalizing and expanding Jibontory Technology Limited’s business in the diverse markets of Bangladesh. Under his guidance, the company has continued to scale new heights in the ever changing IT landscape for over the years. 

Mohammad T Rahman


He provides the strategic advantage to the company with his rich industry experience of more than 16 years. With the reputation of driving growth & enhancing profitability, his diplomatic thinking & decision making make the company position strong in market & create long term value to our channel partners.