Service Warranty Policy

The warranty is not applicable for any: Bent, Broken, Burn, Products serial/part number damage, Dent, Visible scratches, Oxidation, Parts missing, warranty sticker damage/removing, Layer damage, processor socket pin damage, any internal burn, any writing on the products or any kinds of evidence that indicates CID (Customer induced damage), Adhesive, Oil, Dirt, Gum etc.

All the Customers are solely responsible for his data backup/store. He has to store any kind of his data before submitting the products to warranty service.

Products which are no longer manufactured by the relevant company but still under warranty period cannot be claimed for warranty-In the event that the product is not repairable, an attempt to replace the product with an equivalent specification or can be adjusted with new model price.

If there is no availability of same or equivalent product and the customer does not agree to update then sales return will be applicable .Which is based on the use of the product the amount will be deducted .

If the equivalent product price increases with the same replacement model then customer has to carry the additional amount.

Please store your purchase invoice copy & which must be shown while taking for warranty service