Management of Jibontory Technology Limited:

Akkur Chandra Das

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Under his guidance, the company has continued to scale new heights in the ever changing IT landscape for over the years with the strategy & plans, focuses on business development & financial management, building partnerships and has steered the company to emerge as a leading technology driven company in Bangladesh.

Mostafa Tahasum

Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

His steady focus on continuous improvement and forging strategic alliances have propelled the company in achieving its current stature.

Parven Sultana

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

She is one of the strong team members who did the all successful stories more one step closer to be successful. 

Rhythm Chowdhury

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Passion for IT Market drives him to take the leading position for the  different IT Products in the company. Backed by 10 years of experience, he’s successfully operating the actions of the different IT Products in Bangladesh Market

Rajib Chandra Das

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Managing all administrative services from past five years so successfully that now is considered as an important member in decision making & planning body to overcome all of the situation.

Mithila Majumder

Chief Legal Officer (CLO)

Her knowledge & leadership has been a big contribution to many legal issues of the company and solved. 

Tithi Rani Bhowmik

Information Technology Manager

Young and versatile focused on prioritized and roadmap process. Backed by the years of experiences, she has notably pulled up power back up solution market especially on IT sector and its' development with the contribution of regenerated new requirements of the IT market. 

Sultan Ahmed

Marketing Manager

He is successfully operating the actions of the different IT Products in Bangladesh market and achieved the remarkable successes on this field. 

Dipa Rani Acharjee

Product Manager

 A decade of tremendous success, she has become the successful product manager. With her diplomatic planning and intelligence, Jibontory Technology Limited plays a remarkable roles in this sector.

Hossain Masud

Sales Manager

He is now a proud family member of Jibontory Technology Limited and responsible as sales manager with the extensive experience in technical & techno sales with prior experience over the decades. 

Shamim Hossain

Finance Manager

With an enriched career  over the decades, he is now the finance manager. His knowledge and leadership has been a big contribution to many financial issues in the company and received acknowledgement to his hard work & dedication for maintaining the proper records of accounts. 

Shenthia Islam

Human Resources Manager

She is specialized in selection, performance evaluation, compensation and benefits including the  organizational development. Achieved the competent in her field.  

Netu Debnath

Senior Business Analyst

Experienced in business analysts including the client’s business processes and identify opportunities and strategies to improve business efficiency for executing business strategies and ensuring that the desired result is achieved in a timely manner.

Debashish Chakraborty

Senior Administrative Officer

Under administrative direction, he directs, manages, supervises and coordinates the activities and operations of the administrative division within an assigned department including purchasing, budgeting, accounting, personnel, information technology, and administrative support programs including services.